The Edge90° Parapet Clamp has been designed for use with diameters of nylon kernmantle rope as a physical barrier to a potential hazard. Other synthetic and natural fibre type ropes may be used. 

We do not recommend the use wire rope or steel cable in the Edge90°. The Edge90° has an increased bend radius to retain the full strength of the rope. 

The Edge90° has a grippy, yet soft rubber base to maintain its position on the parapet and assist in the protection of the building during installation and normal use. 

The Edge90° has a rope retention system offering added security. 

The cam strap may be removed from one side of the Edge90° and a single Edge90° may be used and secured elsewhere. 

In Industrial Rope Access, all rigging equipment & ropes shall be rigged in such a way to remove or avoid contact with potential hot, sharp or abrasive surfaces that threaten the integrity of the life supporting system. 

The Edge90° may be used with rope diameters of up to 13mm. ( ½”) 

The Edge90° may be used with nylon webbing or round slings. 

The Edge90° is not designed for the use of wire rope or steel cable at any time. 

The Edge90° should not be used if the expected load on the product could exceed 250kg, regardless of the angle of entry. 

The Edge90°, and all its parts is never to be considered, or used as, an anchoring device or an anchor itself. 

The Edge90° is a well thought out barrier to a potential Hazard, nothing more. 

It is imperative that you properly risk assess each us. 

Normal life Span of The Edge90° is the earlier of 5yrs from manufacture date or 2.5yrs from first use, and entirely dependent on passing daily use, and 6 monthly inspections. 

The Edge90° will not protect you or your ropes from HOT surfaces of any kind. Normal avoidance practices of hot surfaces in Rope Access shall be observedwhile using The Edge90°. 

Materials – PA12 Nylon. PA12 Properties;

  • – Heat Deflection – 175C 
  • – Melting point – 187°C 
  • – Tensile Strength – 48Mpa/6960psi 
  • – Elongation – 20% at breaking. 
  • – Density – 1.01g/cm3 
  • – Impact resistant to 1247flbs per square inch 

 PA12 Nylon holds excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons & alkalis. 

However, the Edge90° should be inspected and removed from service in the event of heavy contamination or an unknown contaminant is present. 


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