The 'Wingman Bag' has been designed and built to operate as a tool and equipment bag primarily in rigging and rope access works.

5 piece kit includes: 2 modular pockets, 1 divider wall, 1 universal seat bracket/mount, 1 single magnetic wall

This bag kit is intended to provide the user with easier and safer handling of gear at height by providing the following features:

  • Rigid opening frame providing easy access to bag contents.
  • Light colour (yellow) bag interior to help user in seeing and finding bag contents.
  • Flared, flexible lid system to allow easy and full access to bag interior by rolling or tucking the lid away from the opening.
  • Embedded magnetic strip located within bag wall to secure tools and hardware.
  • Velcro lining to internal bag walls to enable custom layout options.
  • Custom internal organising of bag using easy-fit velcro pockets, divider or accessories.
  • Side mounting stub (external) to allow optional bag connection to user's seat bracket.
  • High, comfortable bag location providing easy reach to bag contents when mounted on seat bracket.
  • Free and clear access to bag contents because lid and handle are removed from opening.
  • 15 Litre capacity
  • 230mm x 320mm x 200mm 
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 8kg




Brand Wingman
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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