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The 540°™ Rescue Belay, Small has all the same features of the Large, but is engineered to work with 11mm to 11.6mm (7/16 in.) rope.

The symmetric design of the 540°™ Rescue Belay allows bi-directional loading and locking, thus either end of the rope exiting the device may be used as the load line. This reduces the risk of an improperly loaded device and increases operator efficiency. The 540°™ Rescue Belay is UL certified to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) for General Use.

The 540°™ Rescue Belay has an integral release lever, eliminating the need for a separate release device or hitch. This reduces complexity, rigging time, and a reduced chance of error. With the 540°™ Rescue Belay, the tension of a locked-up belay is simply transferred back to the mainline by using the built-in release lever.

The 540°™ Rescue Belay passes the British Columbia Council of Technical Rescue's demanding Belay Competence Drop Test Criteria of being able to catch a 1 m drop of a 280 kg (617 lbs) rescue-sized load onto 3 m of 12.7 mm kernmantle rescue rope, within 1 m of additional travel (pre-rebound), and with less than 15 kN peak force.


  • Very simple and easy to use, reducing complexity and training time
  • Symmetrical design allows for bi-directional loading
  • Minimum 23 kN breaking strength
  • Self-locking with sudden falls
  • Built-in release lever eliminates need for release hitch only 624 grams
  • Force limiting; passes demanding rescue belay competence criteria
  • Accepts 11-11.6 mm diameter kernmantle rescue ropes


SKU 45720
Brand Traverse

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