dynaGLIDE from TEUFELBERGER is a coated throwline that, due to its neon colors, is easily visible in trees.

dynaGLIDE is a hollow braid throwline of pure Dyneema®. This throwline from TEUFELBERGER is coated and has a strong signaling effect due to its neon colors. The orange or green of the throwline provides for good visibility in the trees. Its coating ensures very little elongation and better gliding characteristics on bark.


Cover: UHMPE

Plait number: 12

Diameter [mm]: 1.8

Weight [g/m]: 2.4

Min. breaking strength, free length [daN]: 380

Min. breaking strength, figure 8 knot [daN]: 160


SKU DynaGlide
Brand Teufelberger

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