Particularly lightweight work positioning and fall arrest harness adapted specifically for industrial and energy related work environments.

Strong points:    
- X shaped shoulder straps increase comfort and ensure excellent load distribution.
- The semi-rigid leg loops and waist belt assure optimal
pressure distribution where the body is in contact with the harness.
- The padded shoulder straps with well-placed retainers minimise neck chafing.
- The waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps are lined with a
breathable foam, increasing comfort and reducing perspiration

- The rear of the waist belt contains an area to allow personal marking such as your company's name in addition to a QR code which allows a true identifier to be generated (your name and unique ID).
  - Both the lateral and dorsal attachment points consist of sewn rope rings to reduce weight, noise and damage to delicate surfaces or coatings, particularly when ascending inside a wind turbine's tower.
- The rear attachment point consists of a sewn rope ring to reduce weight and noise. Its red colour promotes efficient identification in emergencies.
- Two double action opening quick release buckles (one per leg loop) enable the harness to be easily fitted even with cumbersome footwear.
- The sternal webbing strap with fall arrest attachment point can be easily opened and closed to assist harness fitting.

- Two fixed loops on the shoulder straps allow the attachment of an accessory like a radio or storage of scaffolding hooks.
- 4 large, pre-shaped gear loops are positioned around the waist belt to easily accommodate all equipment.
- 6 mini gear loops can be used to attach 'AIR-LEASH' extendable tool holders or 3 'TOOL-BUCKET' tool pouches.


SKU 21553757
Brand Beal
Shipping Weight 1.8000kg

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