The STEIN SRT Foot Loop was first shown in action on the STEIN Technical Demonstration area in 2015 at the UK Arb Show. After long term testing and user feedback sees the development of a product truly designed for the SRT climbers.

Manufactured using a heavy duty treated tube webbing and a dyneema connection loop. This elasticated foot loop is easy to fit to your foot wear. For added security your laces can be tied over the loop making it a semi-permanent fixture to the footwear.

Available in 3 sizes:

SS-55 310 27 030 Foot Loop (Size S) - Ideal for Climbing Boots upto size 43
SS-55 310 27 040 Foot Loop (Size M) - Ideal for Chainsaw Boots sizes 41 to 44
SS-55 310 27 050 Foot Loop (Size L) - Ideal for Chainsaw Boots sizes 45 to 46


SKU 45896
Brand Stein

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