The Kernmantle rope single leg BFD Personal Energy Absorbing lanyard is designed to effectively arrest a fall whilst minimising the shock loads on the body. The 'Tear Tape' technology shock pack utilises a controlled tearing action that is initiated when the lanyard is 'loaded' during the fall and limits the fall arrest forces to below 6kN. The shock pack features a unique Velcro attached cover provides the ability to do a 100% inspection as well as the potential to clean & dry the pack contents if necessary. The cover is also designed to protect the serial label pack, conveniently sewn into the tear tape material.

Length: 1.5 mts or 2.0 mts

Model Number: L-AUS-0078

Weight: 908 grams

  • Standard:  AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
  •  Diameter:  12 mm
  •  Hand-washing:  40 °C
  •  Max. number of persons:  1
  •  Temperature from:  -35 °C
  •  Temperature up to:  45 °C
  •  Suspension element:  core-sheathed rope 12mm
  •  Karabiner on anchoring point side:  KOBRA TRI-ACTION
  •  Karabiner on belt side:  KOBRA TRI-ACTION
  •  Material:  POLYAMIDE rope and tear-away, STEEL karabiners


SKU 42231
Brand Skylotec

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