Vega is an 11.7mm CE EN1891, UKCA certified rope whilst being compliant with ANSI Z133. This light weight arborist climbing rope, currently boasts the lowest elongation on the market (1.2%). Designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques.  The super-low elongation make this rope easier and faster to climb with, significantly reducing bounce and climbing fatigue.
Vega has a tough polyester core that provides extremely low elongation whilst also being energy absorbing, ideal for SRT climbing.  The 24 plait polyester jacket gives a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability.



  • Aids handling and splicing
  • Compatible with the latest climbing devices
  • Spliceable*
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Hi-vis colours for identification and safety
  • High strength
  • Extremely low elongation
  • Lightweight
  • Very low elongation
  • CE EN1891 Type B, UKCA


Brand Marlow

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