Arbor 12 is a highly versatile rigging and lowering line from Marlow. Using supple and easily spliced 12 strand rope with ArmourCoat for reduced water uptake. The ArmourCoat also improves abrasion resistance by 30%.


APPLICATIONS: All rigging applications 

MATERIAL: Polyester 

CHARACTERISTICS: Unaffected by water Low creep Zero shrinkage Good UV resistance Very good abrasion resistance (ArmourCoat improves abrasion resistance by 30%) Good heat resistance


CONSTRUCTION: Improved abrasion resistance 

12 STRAND BRAIDED CONSTRUCTION: Optimised pitch to yarn twist – improves strength & longevity Firmer rounder rope, aids handling Easy to splice with either hard or soft eyes Flexible product and easily handled Torque balanced Arbor 12 

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Good resistance to most chemicals, except strong alkalis (additional information available on request) 


UV RESISTANCE: UV stabilised 



TERMINATION: 12 strand splice An allowance of 50 × rope diameter should be made for the overall length of the splice To optimise the efficiency of the soft eye splice (without a thimble the angle formed at the neck of the splice should be 30° or less, meaning that when flat, the length of the eye must be 2.7 × the diameter of the object over which the splice will be used. A splice will normally increase the diameter of the rope between 1.5 × and 1.75.


ELONGATION Typical working elongation (for a bedded in rope): 

@ 10% of break load: 2% 

@ 20% of break load: 3% 

To break: 12%


Brand Marlow

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