Designed to be used with GRIPPS gloves and wristbands, the Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action provides tactical usability to handheld tools.

Manufactured from an abrasion-resistant webbing, the hard-wearing Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action is exceptionally light.

Versatile enough for use with all hand-tools, the Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action provides 360-degree mobility with dual swivel-head carabiners, meaning no more tangles or unnecessary tension on the line when working with hand tools.

Key Features

  • Abrasion-resistant webbing.
  • Two swivel-head single-action carabiners
  • Compatible with the full range of GRIPPS gloves and wristbands


  • Length: 25cm
  • Max Load: 2.5kg
  • Swivel-Head Single-Action Carabiners


SKU 45742
Brand Gripps

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