Take the DNA of the Kanopa and let it mutate for a decade… to finally present you our new 11.7mm Komora 16 strands rope! Its updated sheath gives superior abrasion resistance and feeds very smoothly through all popular mechanical friction devices on the market.

Alike the Kanopa the core is constructed of X-Braid parallel core technology (long lasting flexibility and guaranteed without core-sheath slippage). On top of this it comes with a new slim eye splice and the Courant patented in-eye labelling which was already featured on the Japora & Ozora ropes.  


  • Tree felling

Certification: CE EN1891-A

• Diameter:  11.7mm
• Materials: Polyamide / Polyester

• Seath construction: 16-strand polyester

• Core construction: X-Braid polyamide
• Static resistance: 3000daN
• Percentage of sheath mass: 68%
• Sheath slippage: 0%
• Elongation 50 / 150Kg: 2.5%
• Metric weight: 94gram
• Retraction: 2.7%
• Knottability K=1: 0.56


SKU 45825
Brand Courant

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