The ActSafe Power Supply adds a reliable and continuous power source to the ActSafe Power Ascenders

ActSafe Systems has developed a Power Supply specially designed for the ActSafe ACCII & ACX Power Ascenders. A specific cable is needed for each model of ascender.

When operating the Power Ascender from a fixed position you can now use the Power Supply as your main power source. It couldn't be more simple: plug in the Power Supply, connect it to the Power Ascender, and start using your system exactly the way you need it.

The ActSafe Power Supply creates new possibilities for working with the Ascender system. It gives you the flexibility, versatility and reliability you need to be efficient and work safely at height.

The ActSafe Power Supply - the power to keep you going.

Note: Not compatible with original ACC ascender.


SKU POA-004AP-19-000
Brand Skylotec

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